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Transcendental Meditation Teachers and Centers in Singapore

To learn TM in Singapore, visit the official national website

Telephone: +65–9818–4561  ;  +65–9647–1045
Address: 120 Lower Delta Road,
Cendex Centre,#10-09,
Singapore 169208.

TM Teachers

singapore learn tm Transcendental Meditation Teachers and Centers Mr CK Low has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for over 25 years. He has taught Transcendental Meditation to hundreds of people from all walks of life and all professions. His background in business management allows him to communicate the benefits of TM to business leaders, career professionals, and all levels of society in Singapore. CK’s goal is to make Transcendental Meditation available to all people living in Singapore interested in improving their quality of life in this wonderful country.

singapore learn tm Transcendental Meditation TeachersLee Su Min has been a full-time TM Teacher since year 2009. Before that she spent 6 years working in the accounting profession and 2 years as an early childhood educator in a Montessori school. She graduated from University of RMIT, Australia with a B. Bus (Acc) degree.

“Seeing people’s transformation to a happier, healthier, and more fruitful life through regular practice of TM is the most fulfilling profession in my life.” ~ Su Min.

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