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South Africa: Learn Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Transcendental Meditation (TM) Teachers and Centers in South Africa

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Telephone: 011 728 0959

Local centers:

Johannesburg / Houghton

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Telephone: 011 483 0684
Address: 19 3rd Street, Houghton Estate, 2198

Teachers: Drs Vicki and Richard Broome

Vicki Broome, DSCI, is one of the world’s most experienced teachers of Transcendental Meditation. She has taught TM in many countries. She is a registered Educational Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of SA and an Allied Health Professions Council of SA Maharishi Ayurveda Practitioner.
Her husband, Richard Broome, PhD, is also an experienced authorized TM teacher. Before that he was a military and airline pilot, investment analyst and management consultant.
Both of them are authorized to teach you TM by Maharishi Vedic Institute, registered in South Africa as a non-profit organization number 025-663-NPO

Johannesburg / North Riding

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Telephone: 083 283 1946
Address: 306A Boundary Road, North Riding 2040

Marie-Louise Bisschoff, TM teacher North Riding, Johannesburg

Teacher: Marie-Louise Bisschoff

I have been teaching Transcendental Meditation since 2001. In addition to offering courses at my center in North Riding at weekends, during the week I teach and supervise at the Maharishi Invincibility Institute in the CBD, which offers practical business and computer skills to young South Africans who cannot afford a university education. It is wonderful to witness the transformation in these young men and women once they learn Transcendental Meditation. They grow in confidence and self-esteem and also in their basic educational skills such as English and maths.


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Telephone: 012 321 5443 or 076 334 5651
Address: 268 van Heerden Street, Capital Park, Pretoria

Teachers: Kolbe and Ansie Anema

“TM has completely transformed our lives and it gets better every day! It has literally saved my life a few times over,” Kolbe says. “There is nothing so life-transforming for the better in every respect. TM is not connected to, or associated with, any religion; but it enhances and enlivens all spiritual values in one stroke.”
We have been privileged to have taught thousands of school children and hundreds of adults from all walks of life over these years. Almost everyone remarks, soon after learning TM, “If only I had done this years ago!” This proves the point of its effectiveness in all areas of life and to the whole of society.

Durban and KZN

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Telephone: 021 788 2225
Address: 7 Carp Close, Marina Da Gama, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Teacher: Beverley Voogt

 What I love about teaching Transcendental Meditation is its simplicity and effectiveness, and its relevance to everyone. Everyone can benefit from Transcendental Meditation, whatever their experience or aspirations.

Cape Town / Marina da Gama

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Telephone: +27 (0)21 788 2225

lizTeacher: Liz Welsh

Liz is a qualified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program registered with the Maharishi Vedic Institute of South Africa. In a teaching career spanning 42 years she has taught thousands to use this simple but effective technique for unfolding one’s full potential often only glimpsed through layers of stress and fatigue. For the last 25 years she has been running the TM Center in Cape Town. From time to time the Center hosts international instructors and consultants offering advanced programs from the international arm of Maharishi Global Administration through Natural Law, with headquarters in the Netherlands.  A constant stream of people pass through the Center participating in local and international programs.

Cape Town / Gordon’s Bay

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Telephone: 076 013 1149

YasminTeacher: Yasmin Kowalski

Yasmin Kowalski has been teaching Transcendental Meditation since 2010 including helping to run the Centre in Johannesburg (Houghton), one of the busiest TM Centres in the world. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and Maharishi Ayurveda therapist.

Cape Town/ Rondebosch

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Telephone: 021 689 9331

Teacher: Marion Whitehead

Marion learned Transcendental Meditation in 1975 and has been an accredited teacher since 1987.

Transcendental Meditation helped me cope during a stressful career as a newspaper journalist. I benefitted so much I did the TM teacher course and have taught in Johannesburg, Midrand, George and Cape Town. It’s very rewarding to see people grow and blossom, becoming more relaxed and happy within just a few days of learning TM.

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