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Telephone: 91 417 6038


Avenida de las Losas nº11, El Parador 04721, Almería, Spain
Phone: 622903600
Cristina Ballesteros

transcendental meditation tm spain teachers coursesCristina Ballesteros is a young dynamic teacher with extensive experience in teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique. After several university degrees and years of professional success at international level she found in pursuit of personal excellence and a life without stress this simple and effective technique.

After several years of practice she was so impressed that she decided to devote herself fully to sharing this gift with the people of Almería, her homeland. Cristina has found Transcendental Meditation the most valuable and creative knowledge which enables to enjoy a full and satisfying life developing one’s full potential.

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Yolanda Valiente, José Luis Escós

Asturias y Cantabria

Phone: 91 4176 038
Jose Ignacio Balbaa


Address: Rambla de Guipúscoa nº92, Esc. Dcha. 2º-1ª, Barcelona, Spain
Phone: 636228635
Pedro Lario


Phone: 689 08 60 63
Fina Pobo


Phone: 622903600
Cristina Ballesteros


Address: Calle José Miguel Guridi nº88, Madrid (28043), Spain
Phone: 91 417 6038
Luis Martinez, Marialuz Páramo

Address: Calle General Diaz Porlier nº37, Sótano centro, 28020 Madrid
Phone: 91 417 6038
Luis Martinez

madrid Profesor-Meditacion-Trascendental mt meditationLuis Martinez has taught Transcendental Meditation since 1976 at the centers of Valencia and Madrid. He has participated in international projects in South America, Paraguay and Brazil. He has studied architecture and worked as a naturalist. Luis Martinez enjoys teaching Transcendental Meditation in Madrid where he holds regular meetings for mediations at the Transcendental Meditation center located at Orense Street number 35.

Address: Calle José Miguel Guridi nº88, Madrid (28043)
Phone: 650 68 37 29
Mariluz Páramo

madrid spain learn meditate MARILUZ-paramo-Profesor-mtMariluz Páramo says: “I learned to meditate in 1981 and it has become the best tool in life. Learning to meditate is a great investment in yourself. Usually people invest in homes, cars, travel, leisure, etc. … But who comes up with investing in yourself? Virtually noone. That’s my advice: “Invest in yourself!”

Meditation has given me creativity, strength, mental clarity, it has made me more human, enabling me to value nature and all individuals, respecting and treating everyone equally, as one unit. I consider myself a happy person in life, full of joy and with a high degree of positivity. I love business but in life you have to have a balance and Transcendental Meditation has given me that balance.”


Phone: 622903600
Cristina Ballesteros, José Antonio Cordero


Phone: 622903600
Cristina Ballesteros

Páis Vasco

Address: Avenida Gasteiz 51,Vitoria-Gasteiz (1070), Spain
Phone: 628638271
Carlos Ruiz de Navam


Address: C/ Málaga, 29 Gelves, (41120)
Phone: 667678235
Carlos Hormigo

sevilla spain learn meditation tm Transcendental

Carlos Hormigo says: “I learned Transcendental Meditation while studying Fine Arts in Seville. In college we had to spend many hours drawing, painting, modeling, and building numerous technical models and projects. But all these works had to have an essential starting point in “creativity”. Everything comes from within, from our inner creativity and imagination. And the key and important question that emerged then was whether there is an essential basis of infinite creativity in everyone, taking our inner world and expressing it freely with all kinds of materials. Since then I have not stopped practicing and teaching TM and it has been a pleasure to discover with my partner Palmira Lorenzo how important it is for students and teachers to systematically practice TM as part of the educational process and on the personal level as a source of health, inner calm and personal development. Today more than ever we recommend TM to everyone who wants to be himself.”

Tarragone y Lleida

Phone: 622 244 115
Santi Sole


Phone: 622903600
Cristina Ballesteros

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