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Transcendental Meditation Teachers and Centres in Switzerland

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Arc Jurassien

Address : Rue des Terreaux 18
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

suisse tm meditation transcendentale jura habrakenLocal teacher :
Mme Victoire Habraken
E-mail :
Fixe: 032 841 61 70
Mobile: 079 458 70 29

Teaching Transcendental Meditation is for Victoire the crowning of a rich journey of life: mother, computer scientist, adult-trainer and restaurateur. Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Victoire teaches also on request in Neuchâtel and other cities in Jura. Meditation has transformed her life and she is happy to share with others the experience of joy, creativity and success.


TM-Center Basel
Auf der Lyss 16
4051 Basel, Switzerland
Near the university, bus 30,
two stops from SBB railway station

basel transzendentale meditation lernen lehrer tm France FournetLocal teacher:
France Christine Fournet
Phone: 061 322 07 79

France Christine Fournet practices Transcendental Meditation since 1975 and teaches since 2012 in TM Centrum Basel and Zürich in English, German, and French. She is a professionnal singer, singing teacher and Tomatis consultant.


TM-Center Bern
Hochbühlweg 3
3012 Bern, Switzerland
Near the railway station / Inselspital

Local teachers:

bern tm transzendentale meditation switzerland lernen Alois fischerAloïs Fischer
E-mail :
Fixe: 031 301 89 08

Since his training as a TM-teacher in 1974, Alois Fischer teaches TM mainly in Bern. He studied Linguistics at the University of Bern and teaches languages at a school of commerce. His favourite subject is teaching you TM in German, French, and English.

bern tm meditation lehrer switzerland Claude NewellClaude Newell-Lesslauer
TM-Teacher since 1998, Claude regularly teaches TM-courses in Geneva and in Berne — in English, French, and German. Director of the National Course Office Switzerland, she equally organizes residence courses and advanced meditation classes. After trainings in cultural anthropology, art history, and Sanskrit at the Universities of Basel and Lausanne, she pursues her studies of the Vedic tradition.

basel switzerland tm meditation vastu CorpatauxPierre Corpataux
Is a TM-Teacher since 1978. He is married and the father of four grown up children. Originally from Basel, he lives and works since 30 years in Bern and teaches TM in German and English. Pierre also works as a consultant for Vedic Architecture (Vastu).


TM-Center Ennetmoos
Rübibachstrasse 15
6372 Ennetmoos, Suisse

tm meditation suisse apprendre course Yvette JardinLocal teacher :
Mme Yvette Jardin
E-mail :
Mobile: 079 378 30 24

Born and raised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Yvette Jardin teaches Transcendental Meditation in English, German, and French since 1986. She discovered Maharishi Ayurveda (ancient India’s system of natural medicine) in the 1990s and underwent professional training in this profound and fascinating science. She became a registered natural therapist in 1996. 
In addition to her work as a teacher of TM and Maharishi Ayurveda consultant and therapist, Yvette is trained in lymphatic drainage and since 2013 in sound therapy.

Geneva (Carouge)

Espace MT/ David Lynch Foundation representative office for Switzerland
35 av. de la Praille, 1227 Carouge/ Geneva
Phone: 022 890 10 08 or 022 342 45 35

Local teacher:
geneve tm meditation transcendentale apprendre Leonard_Stein_Leonard Stein
E-mail :
Phone : 022 890 10 08 or 022 342 45 35
Leonard has been teaching TM since 1980 in Geneva — in English and French. Married with two children, he has earned Masters degrees from the University of Geneva (Literature and Philosophy) and from Maharishi University of Management in the United States (Vedic psychology). Leonard is the director of representative office for Switzerland of the David Lynch Foundation which provides the benefits of TM to schools and at-risk populations. He is also a teacher of French, preparing his students for the International Baccalaureate. Leonard’s website

Geneve (Servette)

Maharishi Institute
56 av. Wendt (Servette)
1203 Geneva, Suisse
Phone 022 733 31 42

Local teachers:
suisse apprendre meditation mt Mercanton_GenevaPhilippe Mercanton
E-mail :
Fixed: 022 940 23 04 – Mobile: 078 654 81 07
DSCI, has been teaching TM since 1984 in Lausanne and Geneva in English and French. Philippe began his teaching activities in Lausanne while training in Ayurveda. He moved to Geneva in 1993 where he developed his therapist activities and continued teaching TM. Philippe spends his time between his activities at the Institute and the administrative management of the Maharishi Vedic School of Medicine which offers training in Maharishi Ayurveda. Philippe’s website

bern tm meditation lehrer switzerland Claude NewellClaude Newell-Lesslauer
Mobile: 079 583 31 35
TM-Teacher since 1998, Claude regularly teaches TM-courses in Geneva and in Berne — in English, French, and German. Director of the National Course Office Switzerland, she equally organizes residence courses and advanced meditation classes. After trainings in cultural anthropology, art history, and Sanskrit at the Universities of Basel and Lausanne, she pursues her studies of the Vedic tradition.


For Vaud and Valais cantons

Local teachers:

lausanne vaud valais suisse mt meditation Virginie CourvoisierVirginie Courvoisier
E-mail :
Mobile : 078 788 34 23
Virginie became a TM teacher in 2005 after a Master degree in Architecture at EPFL. Along with teaching TM, she is working as a Vedic Architecture Consultant (Vastu), the science of construcion in accord with the laws of nature structuring the creation. For three years she has been studying Vedic Science at Maharishi University of Managemnet where she was participating in a World Peace Project, meditating with more than 1’000 persons. Virginie teaches TM in English and French.

vaud lausanne meditation mt professeur guenael boucherGuenael Boucher
E-mail :
Mobile : 076 822 32 15
Guenael Boucher became a TM teacher in 1981 after his diploma as a Physicist (thesis on Quantum Physics at Grenoble Center for Nuclear Energy). He took part in many international projects under the direct supervision of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, including the teaching of Transcendental Meditation to 12.000 inmates in Senegalese prisons and the building of Maharishi University of Vedic Science in Russia. He was also several times Course Leader for the Teaching Training Courses to train TM Teachers. Guenael teaches in English, French, and Russian.

Генаэль стал преподавателем ТМ в 1981 году. По образованию он физик. Он защитил диссертацию по квантовой физике. Генаэль участвовал во многих международных проектах под прямым руководством Махариши.


TM-Center Seelisberg
Dorfstrasse 63
6377 Seelisberg, Switzerland

Local contact:
Otto Odermatt
Phone: 041 825 15 15

St Gallen

TM-Center St. Gallen
Reherstrasse 22 E
9016 St. GallenLocal teacher:
tm transzendental meditation switzerland gallen Doris_perauerDoris Perauer
Phone: 071 288 39 13
Doris Perauer is a certified teacher of Transcendental Meditation since January 2001. She is practicing TM since 1987 and has been trained in 1993/94 as an AyurVeda health consultant. Since 2011 Doris is managing in an honorary capacity the charitable Global Peace Initiative Switzerland, raising funds to support the tradition of Vedic recitations in India, a UNESCO recognized intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Doris is married, housewife and mother of three grown-up daughters.


Residenza Surya
Via alle Coste 8
6808 Torricella

Local teacher:
ticino meditazione tm Rolf BertschingerRolf Bertschinger
Phone: (+41) 091 945 22 86
After his career as Primo ballerino at various German theaters, he became teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1990. This was followed by a training as Ayurvedic health consultant and yoga instructor. In 1998 he received a Master on Science of Creative Intelligence from the Maharishi European Research University. He practices Jyotish, Vedic astrology, for more than 10 years. In his spare time he enjoys navigating with his self-built sailboat on Lake Maggiore. Teaches TM in German, Italian and English.


TM-Center Zürich
Dialogweg 2
8050 Zürich

Local teachers:

zurich switzerland tm meditation lernen lehrer Franz RutzFranz Rutz
Phone: 044 260 44 70
Franz Rutz practices Transcendental Meditation since 1975. He teaches this technique since 1982 in German and English, in the area of Lake Zürich, in Pfäffikon, and in Zürich. Franz also works as ayurvedic therapeut and as school counselor. He is a member of the Cantonal Council of Schwyz.

zurich basel tm transzendentale meditation Jasmin PaulussenJasmin Paulussen
Jasmin practices Transcendental Meditation since her early childhood. She never wanted to miss a meditation. In 2005 she opened the TM-Center in Basel. A few years later she started giving courses as well in Zürich. She teaches TM with full engagement, deep and profound knowledge, in english and german for singles and groups. Also as primary school teacher, she teaches since 1998 at the primary school in Basel, the children love her fully.

Lake Zurich

TM-Center Lake Zürich
Bahnhofstrasse 12
8808 Pfäffikon SZ
Right next to the railway station

Your local contact: Franz Rutz
Phone: 055 410 43 32

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