Transcendental Meditation

Taiwan: Learn Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Transcendental Meditation Teachers and Centers in Taiwan

To learn TM in Taiwan, contact a local center (see below) or visit the official national website
Telephone: 0800-456-998

Local TM centers

Taipei Center
Teachers: Pan Fu
(02-2707-9807), Chen Chang (0988-108-207)
Address: Taipei Xinyi Road, Sec 98, 5th Floor of 3 (5 minutes walk near Dunhua South Road, Da’an MRT station)

Itabashi Center
Teachers: Chen Huijuan (0800-271-393), Jin Hede (0927-100-317)

Address: New Taipei Panchiao District Cultural Road, 6th Floor, No. 90, Sec

Longtan Center
Teachers:Eva (03-499-5818), Qiu Zhengming (0937-887-205)
Address: 13th floor of the 28th century, Taoyuan County Longtan Township 5 Third Street

Hsinchu Center
Teachers: Chen Rongshun (0920-123-928), Li Qiming (0920-023-369)
Aдdress: Hsinchu County Shitan Village Qionglin Cliff Lake No. 403

Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, or other areas, please contact: 02-2707-9807 or 0800-456-998

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