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Zimbabwe Transcendental Meditation TM Center

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Telephone:+263 78 212 4779 or +263 24 275 8036 or +263 71 403 5971
Teacher: Kulani Nyoni, National Director, Certified TM Instructor

Kulani returns to his native home country after three years of education and service as a revered faculty member at the prestigious Maharishi Institute in Johannesburg. Mr Kulani Nyoni holds a bachelor of Business Administration Degree and other various education related vocational training courses. He has been a Consciousness Based Educator since 2013, teaching Yoga Asanas, Physiology is Consciousness, Higher States of Consciousness, Ideal Society, Understanding CBE, Health Related Fitness Course. He is also a Distance Education Coordinator and a Teacher Assistant for a variety of course including the Physics and Cosmology Course at the Maharishi Institute.In addition to being well grounded in TM and CBE training, Kulani is skilled in business and promotional techniques. He has previously established his own Non Governmental Organization (NGO), offering financial and entrepreneurial education so timely and sought after throughout Africa. Kulani is very fortunate to have personally mentored under Dr Vicki Broome, the TM organization’s premiere lecture trainer, who has conducted official teaching proficiency seminars for thousands of TM teachers of TM all around the world. Dr Broome gives Kulani the highest praise and recommendation.Mr. Kulani Nyoni is a researcher, author and a public speaker on wellness and personal development topics.As National Director of Zimbabwe, Mr. Kulani brings the knowledge of profound health benefits to individuals, government, and educators who can improve their lives by practicing the TM program.

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