Transcendental Meditation

7 steps to boost your happiness!

Psychologists may still be arguing over the exact figures, but the bottom line on recent research is is that a huge chunk of how you feel depends not on your genes or circumstances but on what you intentionally do! So, boost your happiness with these 7 steps that science says work like charm! [i]

1. Exercise!

best steps increase happiness exercise

Study after study finds exercise not only good for your health, but also mood-lifting.[ii]

2. Hang around with friends and family!

best steps increase happiness friends

Strong relationships with your family or close friends also make you both happier and healthier. [iii]

3. Eat healthy!

best steps increase happiness eat healthy foodTurns out bad food equals bad mood! Scientist have found that by eating junk we increasingly get ourselves into an emotional funk – depression, anxiety, and insomnia. [iv]

4. Helping others helps YOU

best steps increase happiness help othersHelp others to help yourself! We are programmed to feel good about helping others – so lend a hand and reap the benefits! [v]

5. Get outdoors!

best steps increase happiness outdoorsSpending time outdoors, especially in the nature gives a nice boost to our emotional well-being. [vi]

6. Sleep more, feel better!

best steps increase happiness sleepTurns out sleep deprivation makes you not only a low-performer at work or school but also puts you in the blues. So, for happiness’ sake, sufficient sleep is a must! [vii]

7. Meditate for a happier you!

best steps increase happiness meditationStudies on Transcendental Meditation for example demonstrate that by sitting still and doing nothing (sort of) you can train your brain to ace in the happiness department! [viii]


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