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Hogares Claret: Education for the 21st century

Hogares Claret Foundation held its 1st International Symposium on the topic of consciousness-based education.

The symposium took place in the University of Pontificia Bolivariana (Medellin, Colombia) on November 20, 2013. It was moderated by Father Antonio Mejía Gabriel Montoya, the founder of the Hogares Claret Foundation, and included presentations from Dr. Alarik Arenander (USA), Dr. Bevan Morris (Australia) and Jose Luis Alvarez (Spain).

Watch an excerpt from Father Mejía’s talk “Our Conscious Future”, made available by

Hogares Claret Foundation

Set up in 1984 by the visionary Claretian priest Gabriel Mejía, the Hogares Claret Foundation is dedicated to the cause of young people and a constant search for real alternatives to marginalization and helplessness.

Now operational in 52 centers across Colombia, the Foundation has perfected its own therapeutic model with an international ISO certificate. At a time, the centers serve more than 3,500 orphans, young drug addicts, kids without food or shelter.

father gabriel meija - foundation hogares claret

Father Gabriel Mejía

The Foundation’s therapeutic model consists of 4 pillars, including the learning and practicing of the Transcendental Meditation technique. With the help of the David Lynch Foundation, Hogares Claret provides both qualified instructors and a calm place to meditate for the Colombian youth in need.

“The basic therapy is love. Love is the imperial medicine for any illness or disorder…When a child closes his eyes and begins to meditate, they open themselves to the field of all possibilities, as Maharishi says. The world opens for the child. And then the child discovers his or her essential nature, which is love.” – Father Gabriel Mejía, to

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