Transcendental Meditation

Educator: 10 things about TM

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Beth’s corner for Transcendental Meditation: “Morning practice session complete. Nearly 7 am. The sun is rising and peeking in the door.”

Ten things about Transcendental Meditation (TM) in my life as an educator….

1.  I learned Transcendental Meditation in 1996.
2.  Before that I tried other types of meditation classes, videos, self-teaching.
3.  I try to be consistent – I am not always.
4.  My stress level is significantly reduced when I am meditating regularly.
5.  I am more optimistic when I am meditating regularly.
6.  My creativity improves when I meditate regularly.
7.  I wish this was a practice we could/would teach in schools because students would  benefit greatly.
8.  Twice a day is the recommended practice plan.
9.  I can usually make morning meditation happen… evening is the struggle.
10.  If I meditate first – everything after that is easier and better.

— Beth Novick

Beth Novick is National Board certified teacher. She is currently working as a Gifted Coordinator at a middle school in an urban school district outside of Washington, DC. This post was first published her blog Teachroom15.