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UPDATED! Bringing news on TM to the youth: ELIcom launches new initiatives

As the saying goes: “A joy that’s shared is a joy made double.” A team of young Transcendental Meditation teachers and practitioners are about to give the old adage an even more literal meaning.

Building a spiritual community

Jamie Knapp Transcendental Meditation Australia Germany elicom

Jamie Knapp, member of ELIcom

By sharing their joy of practicing TM via multiple channels, the group named ELIcom (Enlightened Leadership International Communications) is looking to achieve two goals at once.

A member of the new team, Jamie Knapp, explains:

The focus of ELIcom is to empower the new generation of TM Meditators to form an inclusive and coherent group that focuses on what matters most – creating peace and fulfilling progress for all nations – monitoring and supporting signs of rising consciousness in the world.

ELIcom will have a ‘double pronged’ purpose. Firstly, to communicate what happens in Maharishi’s global organization, and secondly, to attract new people to learn TM through its presence in social media.”

Thus other young people can not only rejoice at the happiness and success of ELIcom members, but by finding out about TM and learning the technique can have the same kind of amazing experiences.

ELIcom’s special focus is on the younger generation and it intends to use the art of storytelling to inspire and communicate knowledge, and exchange experience and expertise.

ELIcom will have a presence across all social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Global Family Chat with a 15 minute segment every second Wednesday.

Enlightened Leadership International Communications team elicom

In action: ELIcom team discussing the launch of new initiatives

The first segment of ELIcom’s Next Generation Chat was aired on Wednesday, September 23rd.

The group members will use the power of heart to heart communication to re-energize and give a sense of community to young mediators, building a strong and lasting network.

How you can participate

The team’s members encourage young Meditators across the globe to join the group and/or participate in their ventures by providing inspiring content. TM practitioners could contribute by sending inspiring video materials or articles which ELIcom will help to prepare and edit. All ideas on how to unify the next generation of TM practitioners and introduce the practice to young people who are new to TM are also more than welcome.

To contact ELIcom, send a message to

Check out the Next Generation chat and tune in every other Wednesday to enjoy the vibrant fruits of the work of the ELIcom team!

Also, keep yourself updated by connecting to TMLive Facebook page.