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Experiment on Buzzfeed: People try Transcendental Meditation for 60 days

Last month Buzzfeed published the results of neat little “human experiment”: What happens when four people practice Transcendental Meditation for 60 Days. Here’s a summary of the before and after effects:

colin tries Transcendental Meditation experience review


Before: “I’m not a real focused person. When I was younger it was even worse: I could not even get through a magazine article without losing my concentration.”

After: “My mid-afternoon stress headaches went away. When I meditate I am much more in the NOW. My anxiety has diminished and my ability to focus on the task at hand is increased.”

allison  tries Transcendental Meditation experience reviewAllison

Before: “I’ve recently became way more attached to my phone. The time I used to just spend just with myself and my thoughts, I’m now like: ‘Oh, I have some phone time now’. I think it will cut out my phone time, which is great.”

After: “I’m a little-bit more like …chipper! I think I used to fill time with like trash content –Instragram, twitter or just constantly stimulating myself with filler.”

mark  tries Transcendental Meditation experience reviewMark

Before: “I have a big anxiety issue. I basically hope meditation will help me boost my self confidence.”

After: “I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been reeeaaallly good!”


linda  tries Transcendental Meditation experience review

Before: “I have a resting nice-face but a lot of time behind it is just panic. My expectation is to be calmer and for my mind to race less.”

After: “Probably some of the best weeks of my life. I feel much less anxious and more like myself, I’m not faking being relaxed, I actually am relaxed.

It kind of puts a distance between me finding something out and me freaking out. There’s like another option besides ‘oh freak out and be stressed’”

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Watch the entire segment:

Source: Buzzfeed