Transcendental Meditation

The first free university in South Africa

In a country riddled with stark educational inequalities and suffocating levels of poverty, a special university is fast becoming the symbol of new hope.


“We believe everyone has genius and the ability to create for themselves. This philosophy is why we created the first free university in South Africa. We wanted to prove that it was possible to take a child off the streets and out of the cycle of poverty. If we could prove that it was possible, we could move the country forward into a new reality.” — Taddy Blecher, Co-Founder and CEO of Maharishi Institute. Read the inspiring story of Taddy Blecher

Maharishi Institue is the first university in South Africa where higher level education is offered free of charge.

Modern academic knowledge and ancient wisdom

It is also the first academic institution in the country to couple the rigors of academic discipline with the deep relaxation of Transcendental Meditation sessions.

This useful innovation in the curriculum has resulted in the students’ IQ rising by 9-14 points, and their creativity and memories improving steadily over the 4-year university programme.

Not only does the Institute get kids off the street. It gives them the confidence to dream big, and the skills to pursue them.

In this remarkable video, Maharishi Institute students share some of their thoughts and dreams: