Transcendental Meditation

Songs from Maharishi School for Girls, Uganda


If you want to do something good and at the same time enjoy a genuine and uplifting musical performance, get yourself a copy of the DVD Happy Day and Other Songs performed by Maharishi Secondary School for Girls.

Maharishi Secondary School in Uganda

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Situated in Mbale, Uganda, Maharishi Secondary School for Girls was founded in 2007 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The school which is based on the principles of Consciousness-Based Education is fully accredited by the government and. All of its current students practice the Transcendental Meditation technique and the TM-Sidhi program as part of their education.

On the DVD, which is distributed to raise funds for the school, the girls perform eight songs. Their singing and dancing is mostly a cappella, accompanied only by two drum players.

The power of music rising from the silence of meditation

The choir’s performance carries such energy and joy of life it is bound to make the listener smile. With each song, the singers transmit their genuine enjoyment of the tunes and rhythms. Their voices, faces and gestures express such enthusiasm and happiness and communicate in such a refreshing and sincere way the true power of music.

As part of the extras, one can hear the students’ parents share their positive experiences of having their daughters attend the school. There is also a short excerpt where the school principal explains the philosophy of the school which combines the practice of Transcendental Meditation with a conscious effort of embracing different cultures and religions. Students are encouraged to continue practicing their religion while at the school and helped to attend the respective services.

maharishi secondary school uganda video 00By the purchase of the DVD you will be supporting the school finish its classroom building. In short, you will literally be transforming the lives of Ugandan girls.

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