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Maharishi University in ALT Magazine

cover of ALT magazine featuring a story on Maharishi University of Management, FairfieldJournalism students from Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa have published a feature story on the Maharishi University in their ALT Magazine (vol 7 / 2013).

Here’s an excerpt from the article, titled “Maharishi“:

Dr. Fred Travis, Director for the Center of Brain, Consciousness and Cognition at M.U.M. studies the brain to understand consciousness. Travis said, “The brain is the interface between us and the world. The brain is a way that allows us to actually see the world and interact with the world.”

Travis, who taught at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, said M.U.M. is different from other places he’s taught at. “It’s quite unlike any other place,” Travis said. “The students don’t have their heads on the table, they keep you on your toes with very challenging questions.”

Travis said that when the brain is stressed and tired, it doesn’t allow you to take in as much information as it would if you were rested and aware. By adding Transcendental Meditation it opens the students mind and brain to an entirely new way of thinking.

Read full article:
“Maharishi” by Joey Aguirre, Stephanie Ivankovich and Allie McFayden, ALT Magazine

ALT is an annual magazine publication at Grand View University produced by senior year journalism students. It is considered one of the best student magazines in the country, according to the Associated College Press.