Transcendental Meditation

Company offers TM course to 40 employees

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Sodashi’s product line now generates $30 million in annual revenue and supplies exclusive spas in more than 20 countries. True to its name, all the brand’s products are 100% chemical free – even the factory itself is cleaned without recourse to chemicals!

“Sodashi” is the Sanskrit term for purity, radiance and wholeness. It’s also the name of a natural skincare brand whose founder believes that purity and radiance cannot be attained with products alone. 

The founder Megan Larsen believes that true beauty requires a genuine balance between mind, body and spirit.

She has therefore offered all the staff working for Sodashi the opportunity to meditate every day.

Benefits for business, and for individuals

In an article written for Huffington Post, Megan Larsen tells how TM has become such an integral part of her business. It all started from her own personal experience with the practice.

“It was 19 years ago that I learned to do Transcendental Meditation,” says Larsen.

transcendental meditation business workplace performance larsen

Before launching her own company, Megan Larsen studied beauty therapy in Sydney, Australia and aromatherapy in Provence, France.

“The first thing I noticed was how much calmer I felt in my daily activity; I had more energy and I felt more creative. A year on, whilst a lot continued to go on around me, I felt an inner calm and significantly more mental clarity. I finally got the phrase “Don’t sweat the small stuff.””

When she founded Sodashi, there were only three full-time employees. Megan and one of her colleagues would meditate at workplace, each afternoon.

Larsen recalls: “One day the third employee came in to my office and said, “I want what you have! I want to know more about this meditation you do, can I learn?””

Now, 14 years later, the company has financially supported more than 40 employees to learn the TM technique. Each afternoon, the whole team gathers in the boardroom to meditate together for 20 minutes.

“It’s now wonderful to reflect on the benefits of this practice both for us as a business and for all these individuals,” says Larsen. “The meditation practice has been central to creating a creative, collaborative, caring and cohesive work environment at Sodashi, and it has certainly helped staff retention and loyalty along the way.”