Transcendental Meditation

Popularity of TM ‘spreading rapidly’ in the Emirates

The National, a government-owned English-language daily in the United Arab Emirates, has published an article about Transcendental Meditation. The article focuses on the benefits of TM and its increasing popularity in the Arab Emirates.

Transcendental MEditation in the United Arab Emirates Ged Valente - Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Ged Valente, the Scotsman in charge of teaching Transcendental Meditation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

“Ged Valente is the chairman of the Transcendental Meditation United Arab Emirates organisation, which organises classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He believes TM should no longer be associated with Flower Power since many practitioners these days are high-flying professionals who use Transcendental Meditation to improve mental ability and workplace performance. /…/

“Professional people find it very useful to improve the functioning of their mind and it makes them more able to focus sharply,” he contends. “It increases intelligence, memory, creativity. You know, all these things have been documented by scientific research.”

Valente says its popularity is rapidly spreading to the United Arab Emirates, which he believes is due to the entrepreneurial spirit in this country. “I think the reason for this is that people often come here to make money, to start new businesses,” he says. “These people are quite dynamic and they realise what TM can do to improve performance. Transcendental Meditation is fantastic in that area. It helps you reduce stress and gives energy and vitality.””

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Read the full article:
“Taking Transcendental Meditation past the Flower Power stage”,
Hugo Berger for The National (September 1, 2013)

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