Transcendental Meditation

Online classes now available from Maharishi University of Management

You may have heard of Maharishi University of Management, the Iowa-based university where all students practice the Transcendental Meditation technique daily. This university is the pioneer of Consciousness-Based education, a system of education focused on inner growth that is a more natural, less stressful alternative to the traditional college experience.

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Now, you can attend MUM without having to make the move to campus. With MUM’s online learning programs, you can experience Consciousness-Based education from the comfort of your own home.

MUM currently offers three Master’s degree programs and a wide selection of short, non-credit courses. An online undergraduate program is currently in development.

MA in Maharishi Vedic Science

Looking for a different type of graduate program? In this one-of-a-kind online MA, you’ll explore the full range of human consciousness and human potential—both in theory and in practice—and apply this knowledge to enrich your life.

You’ll read the Bhagavad-Gita, study Sanskrit, learn the ancient art of self-pulse reading, and more. This program is approximately 3 years in length.

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MS in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine

Take your medical career to the next level by studying Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of natural medicine, and learn how to integrate it with modern medical practices to approach healthcare from a prevention-oriented perspective.

Topics you’ll study include mind-body types, traditional pulse reading, and diet and lifestyle changes for optimal health. Most graduates will be certified as Maharishi AyurVeda Practitioners. This program is approximately 3 years in length.

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MBA in Sustainable Business

In this MBA program you’ll study marketing, accounting, operations, and other key skills that will help you to create a profitable business that supports the environment. This program is approximately 3 years in length.

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Enrichment Courses

Looking for bite-sized classes that you can incorporate into your current schedule? MUM’s short, video-based, non-credit courses cover a variety of topics that are unique to our university.

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Susi Halley, MA MVS Online: “An unexpected benefit has been the close-knit community that has developed among the students. Even though we are situated all over the world, we get to know each other through the forums and webinars. The posts and comments from these new friends deepen and enrich the knowledge because everyone has a unique perspective. The professors and their assistants also develop a personal relationship with everyone.”

Short courses include:

  • “Ayurvedic Cooking”
  • “Brain and Consciousness”
  • “Biodynamic Agriculture”
  • “Physics, Cosmology and Consciousness”
  • “We Create Our Reality”
  • “Essence of Buddhism”
  • “Crafting a Life & Career”

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Article by Katie Kelafant