Transcendental Meditation

Online yoga course from MUM

Perhaps you sense that there is a lot more potential in your yoga practice. Or maybe you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who is a fan of meditation and/or yoga.

maharishi yoga asanas mum course_mumOnline course based on ancient wisdom

The good news is that the flagship institution of Consciousness-Based higher education in Northern America, Maharishi University of Management, is offering a great course in yoga – and you don’t even need to leave home in order to take it.

You can view all the lessons and webinars online at your own convenience during a period of six months.

maharishi yoga asanas mum course positionsSuitable for both beginners and experts, the course is designed to allow students to “learn to relieve stress, develop flexibility and youthfulness, improve sleep, balance digestion and weight, and deepen the experience of silence and expansion of consciousness.“

The course, structured in detail by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, includes new asana instruction not previously taught in any other course.

It includes detailed instruction for each asana, the specific physiological benefit that can be gained from each asana, and the subtle technique of doing asanas properly.

Practice smarter, not harder!

The defining feature of the yoga practice developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to complement the practice of Transcendental Meditation is that there is nothing complicated about it.

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“Maharishi explains that Ashtanga literally means eight limbs, not eight steps, and that each limb represents a quality, or characteristic, of the experience of Yoga. Even though several limbs have names often associated with Yoga practices — such as āsana and prānayāma — on their most fundamental level they describe qualities of consciousness, qualities of the state of Yoga.” — Dr. William F. Sands, yoga expert and author of “Maharishi’s Yoga”

No advanced pretzel-like positions, no heels-behind-the-ears strenuous stretching.

In Maharishi’s yoga, easy does it – provided that you do it precisely and correctly. Working from the ancient source and logic of yoga, you will be able to nourish your body and mind by cutting away all the superfluous straining.

Your yoga practice will become subtle and effortless.

Want to give it a try? Check out the details on MUM’s web site:
Maharishi Yoga Asanas. Vedic Exercise to Enliven Mind-Body Coordination to Support Pure Awareness, the State of Yoga.