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Parents content with Maharishi Free School

Maharishi Free School (Lancashire, England) has published some of the feedback from its latest survey among pupils’ parents. Perhaps the most striking outcome was that 100% of parents stated:

‘Yes, we’d recommend the school to other parents!’

Parents’ feedback on Maharishi Free School

Here are some excerpts from parents’ feedback.

“Gaining a place for my child in a non-faith primary school was of great importance to my family. We are Humanists and wanted our child to be educated free from any religion/faith. … My family and I were astounded  by the Maharishi Free Schools commitment to inclusion of all, the welfare and happiness of the children and above all, education without religion in a loving and caring environment. As a parent you want the best start for your child and we found this at the Maharishi Free School.”

“One of the very many benefits of the Maharishi School is that it brings out the best in each and every pupil – based on who they are as individuals – ironically leading to fabulous academic results, but most importantly, to well-rounded, confident and happy children.My children’s personalities and characters have blossomed since they joined Maharishi School.”

“Chatting to one of our Year 8 pupils this morning, she said to me; “I love the Maharishi School so much. It is the best – everyone is so lovely”. She added “and there is NOT ONE bully in this school”.

maharishi free school lancashire positive results review Maharishi Free School in Lancashire  is a non-religious school. The curriculum is built upon the principles of Consciousness-based Education founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and includes mandatory daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Among the 24 free schools in Britain – schools funded by taxpayers, free to attend for pupils, yet not controlled by a local authority – the Maharishi School has the best academic record. Overall, it has performed in the top 2.5 per cent of all British schools for the last 25 years.

Read more of the feedback at the school’s webpage