Transcendental Meditation

Supporting DLF may launch you to space!

One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness, because it usually comes back to you. For those who support the David Lynch Foundation, this return on investment may arrive in quite a mind-blowing form.

Happier life on Earth

dlf fly to space_3Of course, any donation to the Foundation produces an obvious reward: helping people with the greatest need to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique and to reap the benefits. A kid from a low-income urban area or from an American Indian community who would otherwise be trapped in the cycle of poverty gets a chance to relieve his stress and excel at school; a veteran of war or a victim of domestic violence is finally able to rid herself of the debilitating symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); a homeless person or a prisoner may get a chance to start a new, better life.

On top of that, however, by winning auctions at CharityBuzz, supporters of DLF have had their kindness repaid in other fantastic ways.

Surprises, and more surprises

For some donors, their kindness has returned to them as an opportunity for a career boost.

david lynch foundation support donationsFor example, one DLF supporter got a two-hour writing master class with the internationally bestselling author Graham Hancock. Another donor was able to intern for Us Weekly magazine for two weeks. By supporting DLF, a band looking for a big break got to perform four of their songs in front of the CEO of Atlantic Records, Craig Kallman, with professional recording and photo shoot sessions included.

Other DLF supporters have been able to relax and have fun.

For example, they have been able to attend a Saturday Night Live recording, enjoy front-row seats for The Dr. Oz Show, hang around with members of the iconic Duran Duran at the band’s London studio, and receive a guitar lesson from James McCartney (son of Paul)!

Other fortunate donors have received amazing artwork and treasures, such as a signed drumhead from Ringo Starr (from his DLF “Lifetime of Peace and Love” Tribute Concert) or a Fender Stratocaster guitar signed by John Mayer.

3… 2… 1… 0… LIFT-OFF!

Feeling left out? Luckily, among the many spectacular returns for supporting the DLF mission, this amazing Grand Prize is still up for grabs:

If in the next 60 days (and counting down*) you support the DLF via the Urgency Network, you might find yourself on a trip to OUTER SPACE!

What goes around comes around.

dlf urgency network ticket to rise

* Only donations made before August 12, 2014 will be eligible for winning the trip to space.