Transcendental Meditation

The biggest wood structure in Japan

Approximately one and a half hours north of Tokyo, in Nasu, lies the largest wood structure in the whole of Japan. VEDA NO MORI (“Forest of Veda”) is the national headquarters of the Transcendental Meditation organization in the country.

tm meditation headquarters building in japan _w

The magnificent building of 4,800 sm (51,500 sf) has a timbre frame and a striking copper roof, a typical feature of the local architecture.

The center offers residential courses to those already practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique, as well as the opportunity to learn TM in this serene setting.

With its 56 guest rooms and eight conference/classrooms, the building also serves as a clinic for Maharishi Ayurveda treatments and consultations.

tm national center japan _w

A typical room at the National Center, used for guests and course participants. The facility has 56 guest rooms (for 135 people) and 8 conference rooms (large & small).

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The sunlit pool and spa.

maharishi vastu japan_w

The front lobby of the National Center: the front doors are to the left, while the central courtyard is to the right.

vastu building japan _w

A view out to the central courtyard from the front entrance.

vastu tm organization building japan_w

The center courtyard and Brahmasthan: a wonderful example of classic Japanese architecture. It has a copper roof which is common in traditional temple and shrine architecture. It will turn into beautiful light green color in 10 years.

wooden architecture meditation building japan _w

Aerial view of the entire facility, with mountains in the background. Total land area: 37,939 square meters. Total floor area: 4,838 square meters.

Maharishi Vastu Architecture