Transcendental Meditation

The Guardian asks: Does TM work?

does transcendental meditation work

‘My life’s fallen into the quicksand of modernity.It’s filled with a whirl of TVs and phones and emails and Twitter and noise and bleeps,’ says Stuart Heritage. Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Guardian

On March 1, one of the biggest British national daily newspapers, The Guardian, published a long article on the Transcendental Meditation practice. Staff journalist Stuart Heritage approached the topic from a very personal perspective:

“First he tried sleep apps, then a flotation tank, then mindfulness – but nothing would stop the chatter in Stuart Heritage’s increasingly exhausted mind. Would transcendental meditation, currently enjoying a revival, do the trick?“

Peppered by tongue-in-cheek humor and some claims bordering on the mythical, the article has created quite a stir in the United Kingdom. According to trustworthy sources, the interest in learning the TM technique has simply skyrocketed in the weeks following the publication of the story.

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“Transcendental meditation: does it work?” by Stuart Heritage, The Guardian