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Tim Peaks, a truly good cup of coffee

tim burgess tim peaks coffee

COFFEE FOR THE CONNOISSEURS: Burgess’s online coffee shop, Tim Peaks Diner, got its name from The 1980s cult TV series Twin Peaks.

The legendary singer and musician Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) is now selling his own brand of coffee. And it’s coffee like no other.

Tim Peaks Fairtrade coffee

It all started a couple of years ago when Burgess sent out a tweet asking if any of his fans fancied a coffee.

Replies came thick and fast — orders for espressos, lattes and with milk and two sugars. It became something of a ritual and each morning, the same caffeine related requests came in. With a nod to David Lynch, it became known as Tim Peaks. Someone designed a logo.

Since 2012, it is not a virtual coffee morning anymore, but a real product. Tim Burgess’s fresh brand is quickly acquiring a cult following of its own. For it makes a truly good cup of coffee – and the goodness here goes beyond mere sensory relish.

The blend of beans from Uganda, Costa Rica, Brazil and Ethiopia is strictly Fairtrade.

As Tim Burgess explained in a recent interview, “We wouldn’t have done it without it being Fairtrade. I’m a firm believer that everybody has certain rights where they work. That they should be safe.”

Coffee which helps to teach meditation

What’s more, all of the profits from the coffee shop are donated to the David Lynch Foundation offering Transcendental Meditation courses to students, prisoners, war veterans. Tim Burgess has been practicing meditation for 7 years now, and as he says in his autobiography, “David Lynch was possibly the biggest influence on me taking up Transcendental Meditation. Whatever made this man tick, I wanted some.”

tim peaks coffee helps teach transcendental meditation -- donation to david lynch foundation
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