Transcendental Meditation

TM can slow ageing effect

Can meditation slow down ageing
and help you live longer?

ageing effect longevity and transcendental meditation

Responding to an article published in Air Force Times titled “War might be making young bodies old”, David Leffler, Ph.D., and Dr. Robert Schneider wrote a letter to the editor. It was printed in the magazine’s 15.10.2012 issue, page 4.

In their letter, “TM can slow ageing effect”, Leffler and Schneider refer to some of the most noteworthy scientific research on how to blunt the edge of ageing. Studies published in peer-reviewed journals show that practitioners of Transcendental Meditation enjoy longer lives than non-meditating controls. And not only is the longevity enhanced – practitioners lead also a fuller, more vigorous life as their neurophysiological ageing processes are considerably delayed.

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