Transcendental Meditation

The 25 most popular TM stories from 2015

With another eventful year drawing to a close, here’s a look back at the most read Transcendental Meditation articles posted on our website in 2015.


Cameron-Diaz tm transcendental meditation practicesCameron Diaz,
tapping into the deepest part of her being

In February, the hugely successful actress recorded a long
and moving interview about her TM practice.
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why you shouldWhy YOU should meditate

Our popular test for people still wondering whether
to learn Transcendental Meditation or not.
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TM increases telomerase

Want to live longer and enjoy better health along the way?
Here’s how, from a study published in November.
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20130813230423_policia_militar_no_brasilRio police get ready
for Summer Olympics 2016

November also brought the news that police officers in Brazil
now have a powerful technique for keeping their calm.
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giving birth naturally meditating practiceStress, pregnancy and
giving natural birth

Top advice from a top doctor as Dr Guy-Paul Gagné shares
his 30 years worth of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.
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thomas 2Thomas Reinholdt,
teaching TM in the country of fjords

The multi-talented Norwegian agreed to reveal his
secret tools in business, law and military service.

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lyric interviewLyric Benson Fergusson
talks caves and cabaret

The author of French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment
won many hearts with this candid interview.
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quit smoking meditation 00_crResearch on
quitting smoking naturally

Is it possible to meditate one’s way into giving up cigarettes?
We decided to pile up the evidence.
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Ram Shrivastava transcendental meditationRam Shrivastava:
“In India, a lot of young people are learning TM”

An exclusive interview with the inspiring TM teacher from New Delhi.
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maharishi yogi documentary full movie history channel wDocumentary on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Originally aired by History Channel in 2007,
this wonderful film can now be watched online.
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mark bunn interview tm meditation ayurveda teacher“It’s often the weird and zany people
who are more enlightened!”

 The brilliantly positive Mark Bunn from Australia on iPhones,
Jerry Seinfeld, and meditating in the men’s room.
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teenage brainThe curious workings of a teenage brain

Latest research finally lets you wrap your head around a teenager’s behavior.
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better gradesOverview:
TM and academic performance

Drawing on dozens of scientific studies, this is
a must-read for every student and teacher.
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Ken chawkin poetryKen Chawkin’s guide to life

We invited the man behind innumerable written lines
and at least one great movie (see no 10 above)
to step into the limelight.
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543544_4020471503067_655400638_nA perfect match:
meditation and sports

Rubén Sanchez, an ex-pro football player from Spain,
believes that dedicated TM practice can add a new wrinkle to one’s game.
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6740599_katy-perry-performs-roar-dark-horse_b4bf16bc_mDavid Lynch Foundation Gala 2015

Highlights from the stunning DLF benefit event staged
in Carnegie Hall: from Katy Perry to Jerry Seinfeld.
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anushka_sharma_meditation_crAnushka Sharma,
the queen of Bollywood

The Indian superstar who works maniacally and meditates twice a day.
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infograph 3Infographic:
Four good reasons for learning TM

A neatly designed and widely shared infographic
created by the TM Centre in Brighton, UK.
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tm video meditationAnimation:
What is Transcendental Meditation?

Video introduction to TM, starring a Mr Jones who’s not
exactly jumping with joy as he wakes up in the morning.
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sap maharishi institute partnership financial supportSAP starts supporting
kids who want to study and meditate

The world’s largest provider of business software announced in March
a long-term collaboration with the Maharishi Institute in South Africa.
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elicomELIcom, the Next Generation

In August, a team of young TM teachers and practitioners
established their presence on various social platforms.
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Enlightenment is Sexy book review valerie gangasEnlightenment is Sexy:
Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life

Valerie Gangas’s book about falling in love with
the universe made a big splash in June. Deservedly so!
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miranda kerr yoga meditation routine theresekerrMiranda Kerr:
“Being happy is a conscious choice”

The radiant supermodel spoke on several occasions
about her daily routine of meditation and yoga.
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hatoyama japan pm tm meditation mum speech videoFormer Japan PM
addresses the graduating class at MUM

In a beautiful speech, Dr Yukio Hatoyama explained
why he believed TM could be the ‘cornerstone for world peace’.
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creativity quotes12 great quotes on creativity

Last but not least, an inspiring collection of testimonials
from those in the know: the peace and harmony of Transcendental
Meditation are vibrant with colors.
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