Transcendental Meditation

Transcendence: A note from Coni

I like that word. The idea that we can “rise above” something, inferring that we never have to accept things as they are, or at least as they appear to be. Yes, I like that idea.

When I was younger, and less introspective, I don’t think the concept held much meaning for me… if I really even considered it at all. But now, in a life half-lived, I cherish the thought.

transcendental meditation reviews experiences feedback testimonialsLife seems like a big workbook to me now. It’s as though I have read the books, thinking I understood, but now I have to do the workbook. That requires a lot more than reading the words, it requires really thinking about it all… what did that mean, who was that character supposed to represent, what’s the lesson?

Interestingly enough, about a year ago, I chose to complete a Transcendental Meditation training. Now, I really understand the idea! Getting out of your head… allowing your mind to clear, seeing through the veil of everyday conception. I am able to begin to grasp that place that the human mind is capable of retreating to… that place where dogma, rules, and little boxes of theory are allowed to dissipate and there is room for a new way of “seeing”.

Transcending doesn’t mean that you travel off to some other galaxy (although sometimes it feels that way)… it just allows you the space to see things in a different light, from a different perspective.

We all have situations in life that challenge us on many levels… we have all grown up with what we are taught… what we are supposed to believe. The idea of transcendence is where we get to really embrace what resonates for us outside of all of that.

We can transcend our lifelong patterns of negative thought or behavior, we can transcend those times in our lives that have caused us pain, we can transcend our grief and our sorrow. There is a place in our spirits that longs to be free…

The idea of meditation, as the goal of our yoga practice makes so much sense. To sit, alone with yourself, with your thoughts, with your fears and your concepts about life here on earth.. and even maybe with what comes next… that’s the first step towards transcending our limits.

If you don’t meditate, if you think there is no way you can sit still, if you consider some form of exercise or hobby as meditation… you’re probably right, that may all feel true for you. But, I can attest, from personal experience, there is no substitute for a sitting daily meditation in your life. It is the beginning of transcending our temporary existence in this life.

Love to you,


white-orchid transcendental meditation reviews feedback user experience testimonialsConi Pappas is the owner of White Orchid Yoga studio based in Clearwater, Florida. It is an environment in which to explore the world of yoga and to encourage the inner journey of self-discovery that inevitably results. All levels of experience are offered allowing students to both establish and develop a practice unique to each person.

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