Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation in ten images

As the old saying goes, a single image is worth 1.000 words… So just take a scroll! 🙂

Trancendental Meditation technique in photos and pictures - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi_2
1. The TM meditation was made popular around the globe by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Meditation photos and pictures images - simple easy mantra technique
2. The Transcendental Meditation technique can be practiced everywhere, by everyone.

Meditation images photos and pictures images - health benefits and scientific studies
3. The daily practice of 2 x 20 minutes induces profound rest in both your body and mind

Transendental Meditation in photos pictures images - scientific research on benefits
4. … which – as scientific studies show – benefits your overall health!

Transcendental Meditation images pictures photos - David Lynch Foundation
5. Many lives have been transformed by TM meditation. And many of these people, like David Lynch, want others to get access to and benefit from this practice.

meditation technique images photos images pictures -- famous people celebrities who meditate
6. You have certainly “met” someone – at least on the screen or on the stage– who absolutely LOVES Transcendental Meditation.

Meditating people images pictures photos images - inner peace and happiness
7. And when you take this time – like this brown bear in meditation in the woods of Finland – to connect with your inner peace and happiness

Transcendental Meditation photos images and pictures - good relationships at work and in family
8. … it positively affects your whole family

tm Meditation photos and pictures images - social activism harmony and peace
9. … and happy families make a happy society!

transcendental meditation in images photos and pictures - learn TM from qualified teachers organization logo
10. To start changing yourself and upgrading the world already today – visit your national website to contact a qualified Transcendental Meditation teacher.

Credit for photo no 7: Erik Mandre. “Brown bear in Finland”.
All other photos: stock images.