Transcendental Meditation

2 x 20 minutes

Time is a resource scarcity of which often makes us anxious. We can’t just wave the magic wand to squeeze more than 24 hours into a day. Our to-do lists, nevertheless, do possess the supernatural power of the dragon in Greek mythology – chop off one task and two more spring up the very moment.

When I first learnt Transcendental Meditation I was quite worried about how on earth I could fit the practice – twice a day for 20 minutes – in my schedule. Did I really have 40 minutes to spare each day? No way! I could hardly manage everything – my job, childcare and housework – before collapsing into the bed.

Just a few weeks after I began my Transcendental Meditation practice my husband noted one evening: “Wow, I have never seen you up and running so efficiently THIS late at night!” Couple of more weeks from there and I even had a lot of time left over in the evenings just to relax and do things I liked.

I guess everyone’s experience is different but this is what Transcendental Meditation practice has done for me – saved time. I had to “give up” 40 minutes of my day to relax, rest and recover my energy in order to be so much more efficient at what I did. The 2 x 20 paid off.