Transcendental Meditation

Show your peace sign, and promote love!

The internationally celebrated fashion designer John Varvatos is offering you a deal you simply cannot resist.

ringo-starr-bday hollywood, capital records - by donato sardella

John Varvatos, Ringo Starr and film director David Lynch at the launching of the Peace Rocks campaign in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Photo credit: Donato Sardella

Snap a peace sign selfie

All you have to do is to snap a photo or a video showing your peace sign. Then post it on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the tag #peacerocks.

Varvatos has pledged to donate $1 for every such tag to The Ringo Starr Peace and Love Fund which helps to provide Transcendental Meditation and other stress-reducing techniques to at-risk populations suffering from chronic stress and related disorders that fuel crime, violence and costly medical expenditures.

Helping the world has never been easier, or more fun!

Varvatos and Ringo, a perfect match

John Varvatos is an award-winning fashion designer who, besides producing his own collections, has worked with Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and other trend setters.

ringo starr on transcendental meditation

Ever since becoming a household name as The Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr has tireless committed himself to spreading peace and love throughout the world.

He credits his early obsession with rock ‘n’ roll as the catalyst for his interest in fashion, and has always tried to blend design, music and philanthropic efforts.

“Both inner peace and global peace are very important topics to me,” explains Varvatos. “I adopted and registered the two-finger peace symbol as the icon for my brand around ten years ago, not for commercial value but to show the world who the brand is and what we stand for and Ringo himself is like a global icon for peace. Being able to promote peace and support Ringo’s charity is really a match made in heaven for the brand.”

“With this #PeaceRocks campaign, it becomes more meaningful and more of a message rather than just donating money,” says Varvatos. “We are encouraging fans and supporters around the world to share their own ‘peace and love’ moment by posting on their social media outlets and spreading Ringo’s universal message of peace and love.”

To see photos already posted for the campaign, click on the images below!

varvatos peace ringo campaign