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Here you can find all the books and videos that talk about — or have been inspired by — the Transcendental Meditation technique. They range from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s classic text, The Science of Being and Art of Living (1963) to all the latest video clips and interviews with present day TM practitioners and teachers.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the man who made the TM practice popular all over the globe. So for starters, here is a video where Maharishi uses simple yet profound words to answer the question:

What is Transcendental Meditation, and how does it work?”

A collection of materials: Reviews of best books & videos on the TM technique

As with scientific research on the TM technique, there is also no shortage of books and videos about what it means to ‘dive effortlessly within’.

In this section of the website, you will find pointers to some of the very best of these works on Transcendental Meditation. We have tried to preserve the variety and endless creativity embodied by the authors.

From Maharishi’s poetic and philosophical commentaries on the “Bagavad Gita” to Dr. Norman Rosenthal’s hugely readable modern scientific narrative, “Transcendence”; from touchingly honest first-hand video testimonials by college students, police officers, artists and refugees to the latest documentary on his global journey of peace by David Lynch — here to your left is simply a treasure trove of books and videos.

So where to start your investigations?

transcendental meditation books videos 01Here are some helpful pointers:

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