Transcendental Meditation


Health benefits of Transcendental Meditation

More than 350 rigorous scientific studies have been conducted by top-notch academic institutions in the past 30 years to look into the effects of Transcendental Meditation practice. These research projects have confirmed several health benefits beyond any reasonable doubt.

transcenental meditation benefits researchOne can go at this from so many different angles. However, the basic point is that TM brings immediate and considerable relief from the ‘dis-ease of the 21st century’ – stress.

Studies show that by balancing the nervous system activation and hormonal levels, Transcendental Meditation offers deep, sustainable relaxation and rest to our body and mind.

As a result, our body and mind no longer overreact to stressful situations. The burden on heart, blood vessels, digestive system and other vital organs is eliminated. We feel less depressed and lose the bitter edge of oversensitivity. We sleep better. There is much less incentive to embrace addictive habits – be it smoking, drinking, doing drugs or binge eating.

This improved physical and mental condition has obvious ramifications for everything we do. Research has documented the ensuing benefits in the areas of school performance, work efficiency, personal relations…

To get a more detailed picture of the various health benefits, visit the BENEFITS section of the website. (Includes reports on latest research, and a database of academic articles.)

Psychological traits, intellect and enlightenment

However, not all people start to practice Transcendental Meditation because of its specific health benefits.

graph changes in stress related variables in college students after 3 months of transcendental meditation practice

GRAPH: changes in stress-related variables in college students (distress, aniety, coping ability) 3 months into their practice of Transcendental Meditation

Many take it up for realizing a project of altogether different nature – as a means of living a more harmonious, happy and smarter life, as a powerful tool for exploring the expanses of one’s consciousness.

The field of consciousness is difficult to gauge with external measurements.

Some attempts have been made, and these indicate that doing Transcendental Meditation increases brainwave coherence. (One result of which is better cognitive and analytical functioning – the mind becomes clear and sharp like a laser beam. And very creative, too.)

Yet this tells very little about the inner experience. The path of meditation takes one to ever deeper areas of consciousness – of peace and bliss that can lead to amazing realizations about the true nature of our being.

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